Live Better Health Coaching

Live Better

Has your doctor or nurse advised:

  • You should lose weight and be more active
  • You are pre-diabetic
  • You have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • You are at risk of further health complications?

Get Moving Exercise Classes

Get Moving

If you want exercise to help you because:

  • You are a beginner or sedentary
  • You have limited mobility or want to improve balance
  • You have a long term medical condition
  • You are a stroke survivor or have Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

Do you need more focused, specialised, one to one support to:

  • Be more resourceful and make the changes you want to make
  • Change your diet for the better
  • Exercise safely, effectively and enjoyably for the long term

Special Events

Special Events

Specific, special events we put on throughout the year. Don’t miss out on them!

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Health Care Professionals

Health Care Professionals

For health care professionals, how we can help your patients:

  • Lose weight
  • Control their chronic medical conditions
  • Increase their activity and exercise

What people say about Eat, Move, Be Happy...

I have been to Leeds on the train, on my own, for the first time in a very long time. I feel confident enough to venture further afield which is opening up all sorts of possibilites for me. The Get Moving classes and the Gym sessions are definitely helping me improve my strength and balance.

John (Get Moving for Rehab client)

I wanted to boast about my holiday in Aviemore last week. I managed over 11000 steps each day, one day 17500. My walking boots – not used in 5 years since I was ill – fell apart so I had to buy new ones. I am so grateful for your classes (Get Moving Rehab and Gym) which have given me challenge, confidence plus techniques to improve, plus inspiration of friendship with others facing similar difficulties.

Elizabeth (Get Moving client)

I feel Eat, Move, Be Happy have inspired and motivated me so much to do exercise that I never would have even contemplated, when I think I can’t do something Anna and Cerin always take the time to explain and break things down into simpler tasks and show me that nothing is impossible.

Exercise may never be my forte, but at age 65 I can honestly say that I have taken it up and enjoy it!

Diane (Live Better client)

My habits are so ingrained now that there’s no one thing I need to focus on each week, I practice them all! 

Kate (Live Better and Live Better Plus client)

I didn’t realise this would be so much fun! (whilst at a Get Moving Exercise Class)

Alison (Live Better client)

Live Better is great! The programme has helped me build upon the motivation to lose weight, kick started my exercise and tweak my meal planning. I can now resist cake with coffee!

Jon (Live Better client)

In the shower today, I realised that for the past couple of weeks I have been washing my face using both hands and – of course- eyes shut. This is the first time since my encephalitis.
It feels so normal that I hadn’t recognised it as a breakthrough but now, it feels very important as a step towards proper balance. Thank you!

Elizabeth (Get Moving client)

Healthy Choices has changed my life, it has saved my life. I have more confidence in myself because I know I can do it, I am stronger. Thank you. (Oh and my golf swing has improved!)

Maria (Healthy Choices client)

There is so much more to this programme than losing weight. I surprised myself by how much exercise I can do. This programme has helped me feel less stressed and positive and is fantastic for anyone who is shy or has low confidence.

Colette (Healthy Choices client)

Many thanks for the Healthy Choices session this morning. I did not know what to expect and I found  it very welcoming and enjoyable. And of course, informative. 

Richard (Healthy Choices client)

I actually want to eat better and I want to exercise. I want to improve. I feel less tired, healthier and more confident. I feel more positive – I can do this!

Alison (First Step, Live Better and Get Moving client)

I am fitter and have more mobility. I even slowly jogged this week. I feel so much better about myself.

Denise (Live Better and Get Moving client)

The Get Moving Classes are the best exercise classes I have ever been to. Cerin and Anna explain how to do the exercises and why they are important. I can relate to this in my everyday life – I now work to improve my balance whilst putting my socks on! Thank you.

Moira (Get Moving client)

I love the peer support! It is really helping me with my healthy eating and I feel like I have support on hand for me.

Lynn (Live Better and Get Moving client)

What a great 3 months we had with Anna and Cerin. Thank you for showing up every morning training and really believing in us. We now know we can do anything with a pair of good PTs and peers who really motivate us.

The Team of Four PA Colleagues