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Feel trapped in a spiral of weight gain, chronic pain and stress? We coach you to eat, move and live your life better so you are able to live life to the full.

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The First Step

The First Step

Do you know what you should do, but struggle to actually do it? You need help to take The First Step:

  • 3 week online programme to help you plan
  • Discover why you are stuck
  • Discover how to move forward
  • Set yourself up for success

Live Better

Live Better Healthy habits

Get a healthy lifestyle by adopting good habits, one week at a time:

  • 12 week online programme to turn your plan into action
  • Fully coached programme
  • Change your eating and exercise habits
  • Become the person you want to be

Move Better

Move Better

Online weekly exercise referral sessions.

  • For people referred by health professionals and doctors
  • Move your body, reduce aches and pains, feel healthier
  • Get into the exercise habit
  • Run by experienced, professional coaches

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a winter lockdown, change your perspective and take control with our Winter Wellbeing Coaching.

  • A 3 week online coaching programme to better understand your mental health and wellbeing
  • Create your Wellbeing Plan to help build resilience and keep physically and mentally well
  • Focus on what you can do with practical resources to help look after yourself and feel in better control during winter lockdown

Wellbeing Community


Join the Eat, Move, Be Happy Facebook group.

Movement not Miracles

Movement not Miracles

Bite sized stretch video sessions for you to follow in your own time, so you move more and ache less.

  • Continuously updated library of videos
  • Free of charge
  • Choose your stretches depending on where you ache most

Get Moving

Get Moving

Exercise for people with limited mobility.

  • For people with neurological and chronic medical conditions
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Exercise adaptations for those who need it
  • Follow along live or exercise in your own time

What people say about Eat, Move, Be Happy...

From zero to hero – a tale of 4 determined PA Colleagues who were disciplined to get fit during Lockdown…

We jumped out of beds at the crack of dawn, in our sweat pants and lycra. We sweated. We joked. We abused (in a nice way) each other and most of all we motivated each other. With yet another push-up or round of bloody hard exercises, we cried with laughter at your banter.

Our fitness levels improved. Our determination persisted and our relationship with each other grew with every single sweat drop.

Some of us quiet. Some of us grunting and some throwing cheeky comment during the burpees! We became one team and loved every single minute of our Lockdown workouts.

Now dreaming of hill climbers, windscreen wipers, jumping jacks or chinnies – to name a few. What did you do to us we ask?

What a great 3 months we had with Anna and Cerin. Thank you for showing up every morning training and really believing in us. We now know we can do anything with a pair of good PTs and peers who really motivate us.

The Team of Four PA Colleagues

Being able to workout at home when I have the time is brilliant. I pick what I do depending on how much time I have – and feel so much better for just doing something!


I love the peer support! It is really helping me with my healthy eating and I feel like I have support on hand for me.


I didn’t know where to start getting fitter. Eat, Move, Be Happy has given me some structure and with the videos I know what to do. I also like that they have fun in the videos – it is like real life and I can relate to that.