Eat, Move, Be Happy offers a wellbeing community with simple, easy to access solutions for people to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing – when it suits them.

We help people:

  • Connect with our wellbeing community for support and motivation
  • Learn and understand more about their physical and mental health and wellbeing 
  • Understand current eating and exercise habits and explore practical ways of making different choices to shift to healthier habits
  • Plan and build personal workout schedules to fit ability, interest and lifestyle.

We also have extensive experience of business partnership including coaching, organisational and leadership development.

Our wellbeing solution packages are flexible and aimed at organisations wanting to provide wellbeing support for their people and for individuals who are interested in their wellbeing and want to connect with like-minded people. 

Our philosophy

To challenge thinking, to inspire bravery, to build confidence

In whatever people are doing. We believe that we can all achieve fantastic things if we have the confidence to try stuff – and we have some awesome success stories to share. 

Eat, Move, Be Happy offers a different way of thinking about eating and exercise starting with the question:

Most of us know what we should be doing to have a healthy lifestyle – eat better and exercise more – and yet we don’t do it. Why?   

Starting here we help clients unravel their current habits around health and wellbeing, including eating and exercise. Knowing more about why we do what we do and how to practically shift habits to healthier choices, building momentum and confidence to ultimately Eat Better, Move Better and Be Happy(er)!

Our Approach

To create an online wellbeing community where people can connect with other people, ask for and offer support, ideas and encouragement and grow together.

Solutions are varied appealing to a range of preferences and lifestyles, enabling flexibility for learning. 

We offer:

Eat Better

Understand your relationship with food with our online healthy eating course 

Podcasts to coach you through each stage

Identify what stops you controlling your weight and change your habits to overcome these barriers.

Move Better

Build your own workout from our Workout With Us online video library

Hassle free training with our written Weekly Workout Plan

Develop your knowledge and technique with our exercise demos and tutorials

Stay motivated with our monthly challenges.

Mental Health awareness

Understand what mental health means to you and how this links to your overall health and wellbeing

Practical ways to look after your mental health you can use every day

Exclusive podcasts to develop confidence in using these tools and techniques.

Learn & Explore

Broaden knowledge and deepen understanding of how and why health, strength and fitness will improve your whole wellbeing

Articles on all aspects of exercise, healthy eating and being better

Presentations to go on a deeper dive into subjects

Exclusive podcasts where we chat, discuss and explain all we know on the subject of living well… and sometimes a little bit more! 

An online Wellbeing Community of Peer Support

Join the Eat, Move, Be Happy Facebook group and meet new people

Connect with others to give and receive help and support

Ask questions, answer questions and learn from like-minded people – and have some fun along the way.

Who are we?

Eat, Move, Be Happy is a service brought to you by Rees Fitness (www.ReesFitness.co.uk). We have extensive coaching experience, ranging from sports, martial arts, personal training and exercise for people with medical conditions and disabilities.

Cerin Rees

With a background in coaching martial arts since a teenager, Cerin has developed as a personal trainer and coach. He works extensively with people of all ages and abilities to develop fitness, strength and confidence.

He believes in encouraging people to focus on what they can do and has a creative, fun approach – there is always a plan B! As well as working one to one, Cerin also helps run the Get Moving exercise classes for people with mobility issues and injuries.

His successes are varied and numerous, and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and in some cases, really improve their independence and life-style. In fact, be healthier and happier!

Anna Sheryn

Anna enjoys working with people to achieve results and has over 25 years experience of developing leadership and coaching capability to drive high individual and organisational performance.

Enthusiastic with a strong sense of fun, Anna has a pragmatic and common sense approach, drawing on experience from a wide range of commercial sectors.

Her sporting passion includes playing and coaching netball (forever!) and more recently has expanded to include new challenges such as obstacle events and even running!

A further passion continues to be to develop health and wellbeing both within local communities with Craven Dragons netball and with Rees Fitness, working with local partnership groups to raise the profile of wellbeing and sporting activity for everyone.

See Anna’s LinkedIn profile here.

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