“We build confidence so people try stuff they didn’t believe they could do.”

Rees Fitness

Who are we?

Eat, Move, Be Happy is a service brought to you by Rees Fitness (www.ReesFitness.co.uk). We have decades of coaching experience, ranging from sports, martial arts, personal training and exercise for people with medical conditions and disabilities.

We know we are a product of our habits and behaviours. And if we can change those habits and behaviours for the better, we can be better, healthier, happier, more adaptable, resilient and productive people as a result.

Cerin Rees

With a background in coaching martial arts since a teenager, Cerin has developed as a personal trainer and coach. He works extensively with people of all ages and abilities to develop fitness, strength and confidence.

As well as working one to one, Cerin also helps run the Get Moving exercise classes for people with mobility issues and injuries. He has been able to help people of all ability levels recognise and improve their habits and behaviours.

Anna Sheryn

Anna enjoys working with people to achieve results, whether in a business or sporting context. Enthusiastic with a strong sense of fun, Anna has a pragmatic and common sense approach, drawing on experience from a wide range of commercial sectors. With over 25 years experience of developing leadership and coaching capability to drive high performance. A further passion continues to be to develop health and wellbeing both within local communities with Craven Dragons netball and with Rees Fitness, working with local partnership groups to raise the profile of wellbeing and sporting activity for everyone.

See Anna’s LinkedIn profile here.

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