What next after Live Better?

So you are drawing to the end of your Live Better course and are wondering “what now?” First of all, bloody well done! We hope you benefited from your time coming to Live Better sessions. We would really appreciate it if you could complete a feedback form to let us know what we did well … Read more

November Challenge

November Challenge

Welcome to the November Challenge, your chance to get into new, good habits that stick. Choose your challenge Choose one of the following challenges: Complete a food diary daily (click here for a template) Eat x3 balanced meals a day (click here for the Healthy Eating Plate guide) Be more active every day (click here … Read more

Monthly Challenge Guide

November Challenge

One of the most common questions we get asked is some variation of “how do I get started?” One simple way to get started is the Monthly Challenge.  So this is your handy 5 step guide: 1. Find your Challenge Buddy Actually, this first step is not essential, but it is a well known fact … Read more

Infographic – Planning Ahead

One of the key healthy habits we coach people through, is to plan ahead. So many of our unhealthy habits come about because we are unprepared, so we gravitate towards the quickest, easiest, most convenient answer. This answer is rarely the best one for us! This is why we at Eat, Move, Be Happy spend … Read more

Exercise equipment used in Get Moving

In the Get Moving classes, we use a range of basic exercise equipment. If you like, you can get these yourself to use when you exercise at home. During the face to face group classes, we share the kit, but during times like these, you may prefer to bring your own to minimise the chance … Read more