Eat Better Habits – Include more fruit and veg in every meal

Rainbow of fruit and veg

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“No one got fat from eating too much fruit and veg”

That’s a fact! Remember the healthy eating plate I showed you at the beginning of this course? If you have forgotten, shame on you! But just in case, click here to remind yourself…

Some of the benefits of having plenty of fruit and veg in our meals include the low calories, high fibre levels and range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients they contain. Their high fibre content means they bulk out a meal without adding many calories. This means you feel fuller for longer without the risk of gaining weight.

As a rough rule of thumb, different coloured fruit and veg are high in different vitamins and minerals. So if we make sure we eat a wide range of colours, we are making sure we get the full range of nutrients we need. In other words:

“Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg”

What are the best fruit and veg to have?

So what are the best fruit and veg to have? Which ones are the “Super Foods??”

It doesn’t matter! Forget the rubbish you read about certain foods being super foods. Even the most super of these so called super foods won’t be as effective as having a wide colour range of fruit and veg.

So don’t restrict yourself to “the best”. Have as wide a range as you can manage. You will appreciate the variety in texture and flavours.

For a fantastic guide to what the different colours can do for you, click here.

How to increase your fruit and veg intake

But if you are having trouble increasing your fruit and veg, here are some things to remember:

  • Frozen fruit/veg are just as good (sometimes better) than fresh fruit and veg. And they keep for longer too.
  • Tinned fruit are excellent options too. Try to choose fruit “in juice” as opposed to “in syrup”.
  • Smoothies are great ideas too. Chuck any fruit/veg/seeds etc you have laying around in the blender and away you go! Try googling “smoothie recipes” for ideas.

A good piece of advice is this: Next time you sit down to have a meal, ask yourself this one, simple question…

“How can I add more fruit and veg to this meal?”

Isn’t fruit bad for you because of the sugar?

The simple answer is no.

The reason is because while there is sugar in fruit, there is also a lot of other stuff in there too! Most importantly, there is all the fibre that comes in the form of the pulp. Think of this fibre as a sort of sponge that soaks up and traps the sugar inside it. This means, when the body is digesting the fruit, it doesn’t just have the very simple sugar to deal with. It also has to digest the very complex fibre, which slows the whole digestion process down.

This is why fruit juice is not nearly as good as the whole fruit. When you have fruit juice, you are only having the concentrated sugar water from the fruit, without all the important fibrous pulp.

So remember, we want to include more fruit and veg in all our meals.


On a scale of 1-10, decide how confident you are that you can incorporate this new habit over the next week or 2. If it is 7 or below, either change to a different habit, or make this habit easier.

Then use the following document to help you change your habit for the better over the next week or 2.

You can either: