Eat Better Habits – Include more fruit and veg in every meal

Rainbow of fruit and veg

"No one got fat from eating too much fruit and veg"

That’s a fact! Remember the healthy eating plate I showed you at the beginning of this course? If you have forgotten, shame on you! But just in case, click here to remind yourself…

Some of the benefits of having plenty of fruit and veg in our meals include the low calories, high fibre levels and range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients they contain. Their high fibre content means they bulk out a meal without adding many calories. This means you feel fuller for longer without the risk of gaining weight.

As a rough rule of thumb, different coloured fruit and veg are high in different vitamins and minerals. So if we make sure we eat a wide range of colours, we are making sure we get the full range of nutrients we need. In other words:

"Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg"

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