Eat Better, Step 1 – Setting up for success

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Why is our body the shape it is?

How much body fat or muscle we carry is down to how we have been eating, drinking and exercising for the last few months and years. In other words, our eating, drinking and exercising habits dictate the shape and squishiness of our body.

If we eat, drink and exercise well, we will have a stronger, fitter and leaner body. If we don’t eat, drink and exercise well, then we will have a weaker, less fit and squishier body.

So if we want to change our body, the way to do it is to change the way we eat, drink and exercise. This online course is predominantly aimed at helping you change the way you eat and drink for the long term. But the principles can be used for exercise also. And if you want to know more about exercise, take a look at the exercise section of Eat, Move, Be Happy here.

Why do we eat/drink the way we do?

The short answer to the question above is “habit”. The slightly longer answer is:

What and how we eat and drink is often down to the habits we have fallen into or learned over the years. We eat and drink the way we do because that is how we have done it for ages.

It’s because of:

  • The way we have been brought up by our parents.
  • How we have interacted with our friends and peers in school and work.
  • Our priorities in everyday life.
  • Our expectations brought about from our past experiences.
  • The environment we have been brought up and live in.

All these influences have pushed and pulled our eating habits into the shape they currently are.

And changing these habits can be difficult. But trust me, it is not impossible! We can all do it with some practice and patience. And Eat Better is aimed to provide you with the tools to do just that and make it as simple and painless as possible.

Changing habits and behaviours

Habits are behaviours we do without thinking. We do them so often, our subconscious takes over and we do it on autopilot. What, when and why we eat easily falls into this habit category. But just because we have done something for a long time, doesn’t mean we are stuck doing it for ever.

People change their behaviours and habits all the time. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes through changes in circumstances. But if you want to change your eating and drinking habits and behaviours, you will go through these simple stages…

Behaviour change model
The Behaviour Change Model


Characterised by someone who does not even know or care about the need to change behaviour.

You can help people in this stage by not brow beating them, berating them for doing “bad” things etc. Instead, encourage them to re-evaluate their current habits and help them become self aware of the consequences of their actions.


Characterised by someone who has not changed anything yet, but has come to realise that they want or need to change something.

People in this stage can benefit from completing the Are You Ready section of the Eat Better course. They will evaluate the pros and cons of change and establish positive reasons to change. Also, the Barriers to Change section in the Appendix will help them take the next step.


Characterised by someone who has not changed anything yet, but are doing the groundwork and laying the foundations for the change. They may be reading up on the subject, asking friends or talking to people in the know. They are getting ready and finding out what they need to do.

People in this stage can benefit from the SMART Goal section of the Eat Better course. It will help them identify possible stumbling blocks and their own strengths that will be used as they change behaviours.


Characterised by someone who has actually started to change things! They have started their diet or joined a gym etc. They are taking the necessary steps to change things for the better.

People in this stage can benefit from peer support, helping them keep on the straight and narrow, fight possible feelings of loss and help them keep their eyes on the benefits of the long term goal.


Characterised by someone who has successfully changed their behaviours for a prolonged period of time. They no longer need to keep reminding themselves to behave in a certain way. It has become second nature to them and they do it automatically.

People in this stage can benefit from plans for follow up support and to deal with possible relapse.


However, there is another stage that virtually everyone will go through at some stage. The relapse can happen at any of the above stages and take you back to any of the previous ones. It might happen at Christmas, a party, or when your emotions are particularly high or low. But it’s ok. If we are prepared for it, instead of crashing and burning, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back on the wagon again!

People in this stage can benefit from the Why Did You Fall Off The Wagon section of the Eat Better course. And then they can double back on whichever previous section will help them get back on track again.

The Eat Better course will help you through all these stages and set you up for (hopefully) a lifetime of good habits and behaviours! If you are interested, keep reading to find out more…

The steps…

Eat Better and my coaching will help you change your eating habits by using the following steps:

  1. Know what your current eating habits are.
  2. Start with the one you are most confident you can change.
  3. Create some success to boost motivation.
  4. Embed that new behaviour and move on to the next one.


So to start with, we are going to get a snapshot of your current healthy eating habits by taking the quiz below…It will give you an idea of how you are at the current time.

Answer the questions and submit. But then make sure you click the link to see your score and get some tips on how to improve. Feel free to try the quiz often through the week with various meals and see if you can maximise your score.

The next step…

Now you have a rough benchmark showing where you are starting from, go to the next page and find out if you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle for the better.

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