Eat Better, Step 3 – Set your SMART goals


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Set yourself up to succeed

So many people aim to improve their diets but fail to follow through, it’s become a bit of a cliche. You can almost guarantee within the first week of January, you will meet people who have broken their new years resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. And this is a real shame, because with a single, simple step, we can all increase our chances of success loads! And that single simple step is to set ourselves up at the start…

Do you even know what you want to achieve?

If we only have a fuzzy idea of what we want, it is going to be really hard to make that fuzzy dream a reality. So we can borrow this strategy from business to help us solidify our fuzzy dreams into a real plan. This strategy is called SMART goal setting.

By setting SMART goals before we even start, we make sure we know what we are aiming for, how we are going to do it, what we need to do it and by when. With all these things in place, it is already looking less like a fuzzy dream and more of a reality. And as a result, we are far more likely to actually make it happen.


Don’t wait for the new year to roll around. Use the document below and answer the questions. Doing this will help you work out what you actually want and how to get it.

You can either:

The next step…

Once you have your SMART goals set up, go to the next page to learn how to track how your body changes over time.

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