Monthly Challenge Jan 2020 – Eat a rainbow a day!

Challenge of the month

The Eat, Move, Be Happy monthly challenge gives you a specific goal or target to aim for over a month. Over this 4 and a bit weeks, you can set a benchmark, work hard and see real improvement at the end.

How will this challenge help you?

This month’s challenge will help you break out of the Christmas eating blues and kick start you to eating better, healthier and getting more fruit and veg in your diet. Join us and share how you get on!

Equipment needed

None! Well, maybe a camera, but that’s totally optional.


Do something little, every day…


Every day in January, eat as many different colours of fruit and veg as you can…eat a rainbow of fruit and veg! So apples are green (or red or yellow), peas are green, lemons are yellow, carrots are orange, strawberries are red… you get the idea.

You challenge is to eat as many different colours each and every day. The idea is to help us Eat A Rainbow A Day! So it’s all about eating a variety.

Each different colour you eat between midnight and midnight, you score a point. So if you eat x2 carrots (orange), a bunch of strawberries (red), a tomato (red) and a banana (yellow), you score 3 points. Get it?

Rainbow of fruit and veg


  • You score 1 point for each different colour of fruit or veg you eat between midnight and midnight each day of the month.
  • Fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and veg all count.
  • The carrot inside a carrot cake does not count! Don’t be silly 🙂
  • Challenge runs from first day of the month to the last.
  • If you want to go all in, take a pic of your rainbow a day and share it with the hashtag #EatARainbowADay and we will know how amazing and cool you are 🙂
  • Join us in the Peer Support group to show off how you are doing!
  • Keep your own score…I can’t do it for you, I’m not your mother! :-p
  • No prizes except you get to wear a smug look through the whole of January… and feel better!

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