All about Mental Health

Mental health

Available now at Eat, Move, Be Happy, we have the start of our Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing section.

  • Our Eat Better solution helps you with your food choices and controlling your weight.
  • Our Move Better solution helps you with your exercise, fitness and strength.
  • And now we complete the triad by unveiling our Mental Health solution to help you understand and be more aware of looking after your mental wellbeing.

Find it by clicking here or via the Learning and Exploration menu.

Over the coming weeks, we will explore Mental Health, what it is and how your mental wellbeing effects you and your daily life. We will share some insight and tools to help you understand your mental wellbeing and how you can positively influence it when needed. We will walk you through these tools so you are confident using them and helping yourself.

We will also explore the stigma associated with mental illness and the responsibility we feel we all have to do more to reduce this stigma and the discrimination that can follow.

Start your journey with us by clicking the button below or finding the Mental Health link on the Learning and Exploration section here.

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