Weekly workout plan – 28/02/20. Basic gym routine, Week 5

Weekly Workout Plan
Weekly workout plan


Sometimes we just need some quick, simple instructions to tell us to get in gear and move. Say hello to the Weekly Workout Plan!

Nothing fancy, just follow the instructions, do as it says and work as hard as you can. Once you have finished, feel free to crack on with the rest of your day and enjoy!

So here goes….

This is week 5 of 6 of a basic gym routine. It builds on Week 4. This week we drop thereps rights down for the 2 main exercises. This will give us a chance to ramp the weights up and test the higher range of our strength, so adjust the weights accordingly. It is designed to:

  • Test your strength under a greater load than you are used to.
  • Give you a benchmark for your strength.

Weekly Workout Plan


Make sure you are safe doing these workouts. We have workouts aimed at various ability levels, so if you find one too difficult to do properly, swap it to an easier one.

What is it good for?

General fitness and strength.

Equipment needed

All the kit here should be available in any standard commercial gym.


Straight sets


Warm up
Rowing machine 5×1 minute, gradually ramping up the intensity each minute.

Strength. Use the heaviest weight you can use with good form.

Cardio. It doesn’t matter which two cardio machines you use, as long as you work hard!

  • Cardio machine of your choice 3×3 minutes (x30-60 seconds rest). Work hard for each interval.
  • A different cardio machine of your choice 3×3 minutes (x30-60 seconds rest). Work hard for each interval.


Hold each of these for 2×15 seconds.

Next time, Week 3 of this ongoing progressive routine…

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