Why considering a Wellness Plan is a great plan!

time to plan text in a partial clock face with a hand holding a pen
Not everyone's favourite pastime ...

Continuing the Mental Health series by taking your exploration beyond broadening your knowledge and raising your awareness about all things health and wellbeing. Now let's talk about using some of that knowledge and awareness practically, every day. Turn your knowing into doing!

Wellness and planning - not exactly a phrase that runs off the tongue is it.

You might wonder what on earth is a wellness plan and why you even need one. That's ok. This chapter explains how we can all benefit from wellness planning and takes you through our 3 step approach to help build a practical wellness plan and help you put some of the stuff into action... pretty important, that last bit!

This next part of the Mental Health series focuses on why wellness planning is something we can all benefit from, what it is and how to do it. Let's start, in the words of Simon Sinek, with the why...

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