Build Your Wellness Plan

This is the second chapter in our Wellness Planning series. 

The essence of wellness planning is that we can help ourselves when we are not at full mental fitness by using our understanding of how we think, feel and behave when we feel great. 

A quick reminder of the 3 Step Approach:

  • Step 1 – Know Your Wellness

We covered this in the first chapter Why considering a Wellness Plan is a great plan! This explores what wellness means for you. The foundation of your plan.

A key thing to remember is that wellness is a personal thing and unique to each of us.

  • Step 2 – Build Your Wellness Plan

The focus of this chapter is to create a practical, personal plan using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing framework.

Create your road map to guide you when you feel less twinkly, more vulnerable and your resilience is lower. And do this... when you feel amazing!

The final chapter in this Wellness Planning series. This focuses on how you turn your plan into practical ways to feel amazing. The doing. Without this step, nothing changes.

yellow start on blue background with caption 'it's okay not to feel twinkly.'

So, we are ready to build our plan!

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