Lockdown Relay Challenge Schedule

So it is time for the Lockdown Relay!  If you haven’t already signed up, go here and do it now!  

How it’s going to work

We have all the times that you registered to do something tomorrow, but to be honest, because we are all a bit relaxed and nice people, if you are a bit early/late or do it twice or 3 times, we don’t mind…the key is that you bloody do it! 🙂

We will start the ball rolling at 10:45am with a Movement not Miracles stretch session on the Eat, Move, Be Happy Facebook group and round it all off with a Get Moving session at 5pm on the Get Moving Facebook Group.  Anyone can join in with us with these, and it will be great to see you all there and you can be as rude as you want to us in the comments 🙂

Passing the baton

The “passing” of the baton will be a virtual one, of course.  Using the Eat, Move, Be Happy Facebook group, feel free to:

  • Post any and all pics and vids of you doing your leg of the relay
  • Comment on everyone else’s efforts to cheer them on
  • Tag the next person in the schedule to let them know they need to get ready
  • Use the hashtag #LockDownRelayChallenge for everything so we can all find them!

And you will get bonus Brownie points if your pics and vids actually include your own, homemade baton (time to channel your inner Blue Peter).

You can see the schedule below…

NameTime slot
Movement not Miracles session for everyone to join in.10:45:00
Anne Gilroy11:00:00
Sarah Vokes-Tilley11.00.00
Anna Sheryn11.00.00
Cerin Rees11.00.00
Jacqui Bateson11:00:00
Iain VT11:00:00
David Wilson11:15:00
Tom Scothern11.15.00
Liv Sheryn11.15.00
Lizi Dunn11:15:00
Tony Goodman11:30:00
Jo Shelmerdine11:30:00
Caroline Lockyer11:45:00
Maxine Bell11:45:00
Keith Summersgill12:00:00
Tom Baines12:00:00
Amber VT12:00:00
Sarah VT12.00.00
Mark Chappell12:15:00
John and Debbie Debbie Reid12:15:00
Sue Durham12:30:00
Anna Sheryn12.30.00
Claire Stead12.45.00
Grace Summersgill12:45:00
Angie Riddioigh12:45:00
Helen & Tony Venn13:00:00
Kathryn Payne13:00:00
Amy kay13:30:00
Amy kay13:45:00
Clare Hudson13:45:00
Simon Beeley14:00:00
Sarah Vokes-Tilley14.00.00
Anna Sheryn14.00.00
Cerin Rees14.00.00
Stephanie Hattersley14:00:00
Michelle Ward14.00.00
Gill Wiseman14:15:00
Mary Sheryn14:15:00
John Tomlinson14:30:00
Joanne warden14:30:00
Steve Clarke15:00:00
Anna Sheryn15.00.00
Chris Sheryn15.00.00
Sarah VT15.00.00
Denise Whitfield15:15:00
Brian Moffat15:30:00
Peter Olby15:45:00
Steve Tolley15:45:00
Liv Sheryn16:00:00
Lucy Stamford16:00:00
Hannah Scothern16:15:00
Janet Clarke16:30:00
Anna Sheryn16.30.00
Get Moving for everyone to join in!17:00:00

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