Monthly Challenge July

Challenge of the month

The monthly challenge gives you a specific goal or target to aim at over a month. Over this 4 weeks, you can set a benchmark, work hard and see real improvement at the end.

How will this challenge help you?

This helps in 2 ways. First, it is a progressive physical challenge, so you will have to work gradually harder over the month.

Secondly, it is a behavioural challenge, to help teach you how you can improve yourself independent of others.

Equipment needed

Pen and paper.


Reflective debrief and ascending ladder.



On July the first, complete x1 rep of each of the following exercises.
On July 2nd, complete x2 reps.
On July 3rd, complete x3 reps.
So on and so forth…

Reflective debrief:

At the end of each day, take 5 minutes to look back at what you have done that day. Look at your eating habits, your exercise, your working day, your education etc. Then ask yourself the Eat, Move, Be Happy debrief questions:

  1. What did you do that worked well?
  2. What did you do that didn’t work so well?
  3. What can you do differently next time to improve things?

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