Exercise equipment used in Get Moving

In the Get Moving classes, we use a range of basic exercise equipment. If you like, you can get these yourself to use when you exercise at home.

During the face to face group classes, we share the kit, but during times like these, you may prefer to bring your own to minimise the chance of cross contamination.

Either way, here are the main pieces of kit we use. Because different kit has different names, and I’m sure I don’t always call them by their proper name, I’ll link to examples on Amazon so you can see. But bare in mind, I’m not recommending any particular company or brand etc. Feel free to support your local shops and buy the kit there if you want.

“Easy” resistance tubes

Resistance tubes

Rubber tubes with handles on. You can get different strengths (colours don’t mean anything). They have a nice, comfortable, easy to grip handle at each end. Example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atemi-Sports-Resistance-Strength-Physiotherapy/dp/B07SW71DWR

“Hard” resistance bands

Resistance loop

These are much tougher than the “easy” ones. They are a simple rubber loop 2.2 meters in circumference. They are much more durable, but don’t have comfy handles to hold onto, so they are a bit harder to grab onto. Personally, I get a lot of use out of these. The colour of these do seem to mean something. The red is easiest, followed by black, purple, green etc. If I had to choose just one, I would choose the black version. Example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BESTOPE-Resistance-Powerlifting-Exercise-Crossfit/dp/B00URGQGFK


Pilates ball

You have loads of choice here. A regular, “normal” sized ball. A football, netball, basketball size is perfect. If you have good control, I would just get one of those from the local shop. If you have less control, I’ve found a “pilates” ball of similar size ideal. These pilates balls are super soft and wont cause any damage if they hit you smack in the face or fly around the room! Example of pilates ball: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zhiye-Exercise-Stability-Training-Anti-Slip/dp/B07LGQ4JM6

Aerobics Step

Aerobics step

A step of adjustable height. To be honest, the bottom step of your stairs is really good. But you can adjust the height of these aerobics steps, so they can continue to challenge you as you improve. You have loads of choice when it comes to steps. But a few things to make sure of:

  • Adjustable height.
  • Solid and secure at all heights.
  • Good grippy surface so you don’t slip.
  • Strong enough to take your weight.

Example of aerobics step: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Easy-Fitness-Platform-Aerobic-Step-Exercise/dp/B08773QQW6 And don’t forget to check out the second hand market for these steps. Loads of people buy these, never use them and are happy for people to take them off their hands! I got a really good second hand one for £20.