Infographic – How to talk to your friends & family

We spend most of our lives with our friends and family and whether we like it or not, they have a huge impact on what we do and how we do it. It is an undeniable fact that they can make changing habits and lifestyles much easier or harder.

So it seems only common sense to spend time and energy to get them on our side and helping us, otherwise we risk friction, confusion and possible arguments. And that environment isn’t helpful for anyone!

Luckily though, getting them to support you is probably much easier than you think. A good, focused conversation is usually all it takes to stop them “sabotaging” your efforts to live a healthier life. And to that end, we have this infographic to guide you through that conversation. We highly encourage you to put time aside and give it a go.

Having your friends and family supporting you instead of fighting against you is one of the most powerful but overlooked tips we have to offer…

How to talk to your friends/family
How to talk to your friends/family

Putting it into practice

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