Monthly Challenge Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked is some variation of “how do I get started?” One simple way to get started is the Monthly Challenge.  So this is your handy 5 step guide:

1. Find your Challenge Buddy

Actually, this first step is not essential, but it is a well known fact that people who do these kind of challenges are more successful if they do it with someone else.

So message your friend, partner, work colleague etc and get them involved too.

2. Choose your month long challenge

It can be anything you like, but here are some examples to get you started:

Food based

  • Add more “good” things to your meal – eg veg, protein, wholegrains, fruit, colours etc
  • Reduce “bad” things from your meal – eg sweets, snacks, processed meals, trans fats etc
  • Measure your portion sizes – eg – using your hand, cups, spoons etc
  • Complete a food diary.

Exercise based:

  • Increase the frequency/duration/intensity of your workouts.
  • Increase weekly average steps.
  • Reduce unbroken sitting time.

3. Choose your level

You have heard us say it before, but you Don’t Need To Be Perfect!  So decide how challenging you want to make this challenge.  Some examples of levels include:


  • Do it 6+ days each week.


  • Do it 5 days each week.


  • Do it 4 days each week.

4. Decide how to record your progress

“What gets measured, gets managed”

You need a way to track your progress.  Otherwise you will forget what you have done and will quickly give up.  These days, there are 2 main ways to track how your challenge is going through the month.

Use your phone

There are plenty of apps out there that can track your progress, or you can use your calender app to mark off when you have completed your challenge, or you can simply use your note taking app to tally things up.  

Use pen and paper

Go old school and just tick off on a piece of paper as you go through your challenge.  Why make it any more complicated than it needs to be?

5. Announce it

It has been shown time and again that people who announce an intention are more likely to follow through, compared to those who keep it a secret.

So make sure you let the people around you know what you are doing.  Tell you friends, your family, your work colleagues.  Tell all the people who you are likely to spend time with over the coming month.

If you like, you can announce your intention on our Facebook support group.  There are plenty of good people there who will be happy to cheer you on, encourage you and support you all the way!

So that’s it, your 5 step guide to your next monthly challenge.  All you need to do now is follow the steps and do it!

Good luck!