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Before you start…

  • Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You will be asked to complete simple, written tasks as you go along.
  • Allow time to work through the whole topic, preferably without distractions – 30 minutes should be plenty.

Watch the video

For your convenience, you can watch a short video covering the topic below.

Why are you doing this?

Write why you want to make changes in your eating and exercise habits. Then think carefully why it is important to you, to make these changes.

Know your why
Why is it important
Writing Task
  • Think about and write down the reasons why you want to make changes to your lifestyle.
  • Speak to friends and family and get their perspective.
  • Keep this list visible – this will be your reminder when things get tough.

Track your meals with a Food Diary

Get yourself a notebook and use it for all things Live Better. Start your food diary using the Healthy Eating Plate as a guide.

Tracking your meals
Writing Task
  • Record all the food you eat and drinks – including meals and snacks.
  • Remember to add how you feel after eating/ drinking.
  • Keep it simple – so you do it. You can add more information as you get used to it.

Track your exercise with an Exercise Diary

Keep an exercise diary to track your exercise.

Your Action
Writing Task
  • Use your notebook so all your data is in one place and easy to find.

Track Your Body Changes

Keeping a track of progress is important.

Your Action

Get and recieve support

Join the WhatsApp Live Better Community group

Your Action

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