Next level guide to the rowing machine

Rowing machine exercise

My great friend Mollie takes us through the next stage in the rowing machine. If you are an absolute beginner, check out her first tutorial video here.

But here she helps us progress in rowing, giving us some top tips to help you get more from this fantastic bit of kit!

Just be aware, I forced her into making this video straight after she had completed an 18k training row!

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Shoulder mobility exercises

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of the day, it is very possible that you will find your shoulders and upper back becoming tighter and stiffer. This is usually due to being in that hunched position for hour after hour.

Here is a series of videos showing some simple exercises we can all do to help mobilise the upper back and shoulders. Some are things you can do at your desk, some are things you can do before, during or after your workouts. And all are worth giving a go!

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