Learning Barriers – Where do you get stuck?

Learning Barriers – Where do you get stuck?

Learning is all about personal exploration and growth. There are so many opportunities to learn and yet it is often easy to take this for granted, give up when we get stuck or not even try for fear of failing. Sometimes we just don’t recognise the chance to learn or we discount an experience as irrelevant. 

However, learning and its benefits are a fundamental part of wellbeing and therefore overcoming barriers and making the most of all learning opportunities makes sense. 

True learning is acquiring knowledge/awareness/skills and using or applying it. This second part, the ‘so what’ of learning, is what makes the difference to our growth and development, and, in my experience, this is often the hardest part.  (Why Greater Awareness is Essential for Your Wellbeing explains how you can raise awareness and shares a simple reflective model ‘What, So What, Now What’ to help you).

This article explores where you might get stuck in your learning so you can make the most of your opportunities to learn.

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