What is a hamstring march

What is a...

Name of exercise

Hamstring march

What’s it for?

Strengthening hamstrings (backs of thighs).

Top tips

  • Lay on your back with your heels up on a solid platform such as a bed, chair, bench etc.
  • Keeping your belly braced tight, push the heels down to lift the bum up off the floor.
  • Lift one heel up off the platform and start “marching”. Keeping the body solid and stable. Don’t let your body roll or sag.
  • March quietly, avoid slamming your heels back into the surface.

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Workout with us – Cool down stretches

Workout with us

Workout With Us are a series of workout videos for you to follow and join in with. Using these, you can “build your own” workout by combining warmup, strength, cardio and cool downs, depending on your goals and lifestyle.

What it works…

Stretches all your major joints while allowing you to cool down and recover from your workout.

Who can do it?

Suitable for anyone.

How long?

Approx 5 minutes.

OK then, let’s do this…

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