What is a spiderman single leg squat thrust

What is a...

Name of exercise

Spiderman single leg squat thrust

What’s it for?

Strengthens the core and stabilises the shoulders.

Top tips

  • Start in a strong pressup position with your belly tight and bum tucked.
  • Raise one knee up towards the arm on the same side of the body.
  • Raise the knee up and out to the side.
  • Return the leg back to the start and repeat on the other side.

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Monthly Challenge February 2020

Challenge of the month

The monthly challenge gives you a specific goal or target to aim at over a month. Over this 4 weeks, you can set a benchmark, work hard and see real improvement at the end.

How will this challenge help you?

This one will improve your balance and the stability in your ankles, knees and hips.

Equipment needed

A blank wall, a ball and a stopwatch (you can use the one on your phone).


This is a daily accumulation. Meaning, over the course of each day, you will accumulate a time of exercise.


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