Live Better

“Changing your eating and exercise habits, one week at a time.”

For people who want to change their lives for the better, one habit at a time. If you are not ready to take the plunge, try our First Step programme to get you going…

The Live Better programme

  • Full coaching to teach you:
    • How habits can be powerful friends or foe.
    • How to build up new, good eating and exercise habits.
    • A wide range of tools and techniques to improve your weight, health, strength and fitness.
    • How to be self reliant and continue to make healthier choices.
    • How to take control of your eating and exercise to live better.
  • 12 week online programme limited to 12 people at a time.
  • 1 hour virtual meeting each week.
  • £60 for the full programme, payable in two £30 instalments – funding is available through Wharfedale, Airedale & Craven Alliance.

When, where, how?

  • The Live Better programme is every Friday at 9:30am on Zoom.
  • Each week you are enrolled, you will receive an invite to the Zoom meeting.

Sign up

Enrol on this or any of our programmes by clicking the link below. All details will be emailed to you straight after, so check your spam/junk folder if you don’t have them in a few minutes…

How to use Zoom

Our programmes use the video service called Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before, you can watch this very good, simple video tutorial that will walk you through your first Zoom call. It really is simple once you have given it a try.

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