Live Better

Live Better

“Changing your eating and exercise habits, one week at a time.”

Ideal for people who know they want to change their lifestyle for the better, why they want to do it and are ready for the journey. If you are still a bit unsure of how, why or if you are even able to improve your lifestyle, maybe our First Steps programme is for you…

The Live Better programme

  • 12 week online programme limited to 10 people at a time.
  • Full coaching to teach you:
    • How habits can be powerful friends or foe.
    • How to build up new, good eating and exercise habits.
    • A wide range of tools and techniques to improve your weight, health, strength and fitness.
    • How to be self reliant and continue to make healthier choices.
    • How to take control of your eating and exercise to live better.
  • 1 hour virtual meeting each week.
  • £60 for the full programme, payable in two £30 instalments.

The Live Better programme will start early October…



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  • Confirm your place using your debit/credit card or your PayPal account below.
  • You will set up two automatic payments of £30. One payment now and the other in 6 weeks time.
  • You will get an emailed receipt for your payment in a few minutes.