Live Better Coursework

Plan, do, review

Welcome to the Live Better Programme! Here you will find all the resources you need.

Live Better coursework

We cover each of the healthy habits over the 12 week Live Better programme. But feel free to make a start with any of them in your own time. Practice makes perfect, so get as much experience as possible.


The healthy habits we should all be doing all the time.


Posters showing just the facts.

Have you covered the basics?
13 Healthy Habits
How to stay accountable
Building your support crew
Planning ahead
Healthy Eating Pyramid
Healthy eating plate - Adults
Healthy Eating Plate - Kids
Portion guide using your hand
The colours of fruit and veg
The truth about grains
Processed foods
How to exercise when pregnant
What to eat when pregnant
physical activity guidelines for pregnant women
Physical activity guidelines for women after childbirth
Physical activity guidelines for babies to 5 year olds
Physical activity guidelines for youngsters
Physical activity guidelines for adults
The importance of strength throughout your life
No such thing as too small a dose.


Learn if you are thinking along the right lines.


Find out the truth.


How to get moving.


Let us know what you thought of this programme and how we can improve in the future.

Have you done the basics?

Sometimes, things don’t change at the rate people hope. In these situations, we will ask you the following questions:

  1. Have you covered the First Steps part of the programme and completed the tasks?
  2. Have you completed your food diary for the week?
  3. Have you had a conversation with your friends/family to get them supporting you?
  4. Have you set yourself homework for the week?
  5. Have your meals been balanced?
  6. Have you completed x2-3 exercise workouts in the last week?

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