Corporate Wellbeing

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Simon Sinek

Wise words. According to Sinek, people are your company’s greatest asset, they are the ‘soul of your business’.

If you achieve commercial success through your people, it makes sense that the happiness of your people directly influences the happiness of your organisation or, your Corporate Wellbeing.

Happy people

Why does this actually matter to your business?

Loads of research, and we mean LOADS, tells us…

People who are healthy physically and mentally are happier… and happier people perform better – in pretty much everything, life stuff and productivity in work.

So paying attention to people’s happiness makes sense!

When people feel valued and supported in work and feel they are making a difference, they tend to be more engaged and therefore tend to:

  • perform better and be more committed to the organisation’s goals (back to Sinek and his WHY)
  • feel better about themselves and have a greater sense of well-being
  • love work and the company they work for.

Research tells us this matters to customers too.

Customers want to do business with organisations who take the wellbeing of their people seriously. Which is great news we think!

In a nutshell…this is a win-win for everyone and we believe the right thing to do!

How can Eat, Move, Be Happy help your business?

(Note: if you are geeky and want to read some of the research check this out, ‘A Tipping Point? Workplace mental health and wellbeing’ Deloitte

If you have never heard of Simon Sinek and his powerful Golden Circle model, check out his famous TED talk on ‘How great leaders inspire action.’ We love it!)